Felting 101: A first time felting tutorial Part I

I hope the name of this post does not mislead you. By “first time” tutorial I mean this was my introduction to felting. It’s also my introduction to creating any sort of tutorial for anything…Ever. By no means do I claim that this tutorial is thorough or…erm…good. BUT! I did go through the entire process 3 times and tried to write down the steps I would use to walk myself through it after completion.

I’ve never thought too much about the felt making process as it reminded me mostly of children’s arts and crafts, Muppets and strange portrait art. All of which is fine, but holds little interest for me personally. Then I touched this felted wool Varvatos jacket and voila! My mental canvas was transformed with potential and possibilities. I doubt I will be using handmade felt for any major projects, but its nice to know how to make anyway.

(in case the link doesn’t work here the jacket from Lyst)

John Varvatos Felted Wool Knit Jacket in Black for Men - Lyst

Anyway. On with the show!


There are two parts to creating a our felt sample. First, if you want to create a pattern, or image on your felted sample, follow the instructions below.

For solid/plain felt just follow the beginning part of the instructions but agitate the sample for a longer period of time and do not attach a design to it for the second wash.

If you need more than 1/2 yard of felt I would suggest buying it. It will be far more economical and likely of better, more consistent quality.

PART 1. Original sketch and pattern template development

  1. Design idea drawings: Sketch appropriate design for felt making.
  2. Cut out the pattern templates using a piece of construction paper.

Here is the image I will be using. I created it using illustrator and printed 2 copies. One for reference and one for cutting up.

You can also make a sheet of thumbnails (which I will hopefully find and add to this post) and draw the final design by hand to use as a template.

Part II – Felt making process (Friday, May 2, 2014)


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