Aaaaand… WE’RE BACK!

A Few years older, and hopefully wiser. I decided to come back to blogging.

Looking at the last post I made in 2014- it seems crazy that it’s only been a couple of years. I feel as though a lifetime has passed.

I am still very much in Fashion, and maybe a little bit less into the idea of “art” but we can just say it’s “complicated” and leave it at that.

For those of you who are wondering… FarshBlog no longer exists, and has been replaced by A Sustainable Closet. Literally and Figuratively. šŸ™‚ It is quite amusing to see the parallels of my life and blogging.

think-green-live-greenOver the last couple of years I have had several forays into different aspects of the Fashion Industry. Thus far my resume has Merchandising & VM, Sales, Customer Service on the retail side, and Wardrobing/Styling and Fashion Consulting on the other. I have also done a wonderful internship at a local Sustainable Fashion company doing Creative Production Coordinating (that requires it’s own post to explain) and learning how to upcycle vintage clothes on a manufactured scale, and later working as a Picker.

Through all this I have found focus, and yet AGAIN am embarking on another journey of furthering my education. Come september I will be enrolled in a Material Art & Design Program with a focus on Textiles & Sustainability.

I feel like I have throughly changed my life over the last two years, and have opened my eyes in many ways through acquiring a philosophy of minimalism that I was not able to in the past. A lot of it is due to a change in perspective; one that can be difficult to acquire when surrounded by so muchnew, interesting and often beautiful stuff.

So I thought I would come back and share with you all, and in the process try to make sense of everything that’s been simmering in my mind.

A little older. A little wiser. But with a lot less Stuff.


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